Paris Hilton’s first dance single is here

By , May 28 2012

Update: Someone – Team Paris? – has posted on pretty much every site that’s covered this song, to clarify that the reason it’s a demo is that it’s not Paris singing, it’s someone called Natalia Kills. Or Genesis (both names have been used – though the song’s on YouTube as Natalia Kills). We don’t even know who’s male and female under all that AutoTune, to be honest. Still, at least you’ve got the real Paris version to look forward to, right?

It’s here.

Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress who last year outlined her intentions to become queen of house music, has recorded her first (by our count) full-on club track. Hilariously, it’s labelled a demo (Paris, no real demo features that much AutoTune, a guest appearance from Flo Rida and production from David Guetta), and you can hear it below. Paris’s second album is expected at some point this year, and will, apparently, feature guest spots from Snoop Dogg, Afrojack, serial squealers LMFAO and more. Oh, and don’t forget that DJ tour is coming too [via NME].

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