Cash light: George Clinton owes $115k in back taxes

By , Jun 6 2012

Parliament-Funkadelic chief George Clinton might have mastered the funk, but, according to reports, he’s not so hot when it comes to his finances.

Spinner report that Clinton is in danger of having his property seized as a result of massive unpaid back taxes. The irrepressible funk legend reportedly owes $48,347.82 for 2007, and $67,204.45 for the following year, making a wince-worthy total of $115,552.27.

Clinton had his fair share of difficulties in 2011 too. A Family Unity concert was disrupted by a series of fatal crowd shootings. He also had to cancel a number of engagements after a staph infection. A forthcoming appearance at this year’s Hop Farm festival should hopefully go some way to plugging that colossal deficit.

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