Watch astonishing footage of Nas hanging an effigy of one-time rival Jay-Z

By , Jun 12 2012

Step down, Lil’ Wayne and Pusha T this is how you beef.

Video footage has been brought to light showing Nas hanging a Jay-Z dummy. As NME report, the clip dates back to 2002, when Nas and Jay-Z were embroiled in one of the most rancourous rap beefs of recent times. Nas had the effigy and gallows specially made by a special effects designer with the intention of staging the ‘hanging’ on stage during his Hot 97 Summer Jam performance. The macabre showpiece was subsequently nixed by producers. Watching the video, in which the special effects team responsible talk us through spectacle, we’re actually pretty glad this never happened.

The beef between Jay-Z and Nas was arguably the definitive rap beef of the last decade. After some gentle sniping in the late 90s, Jay-Z needled his rival on The Blueprint track ‘Takeover’. Nas responded with the legendary ‘Stillmatic’ freestyle, followed by the fantastically direct ‘Ether’. Jay-Z’s ‘Supa Ugly’ (which his mother later made him apologise for) upped the ante. The feud eventually cooled circa 2006, when Jay-Z signed Nas to Def Jam.


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