Thurston Moore fronts new band, Chelsea Light Moving; download ‘Burroughs’

By , Jun 22 2012

Thurston Moore has never allowed his membership of Sonic Youth to get in the way of innumerable extracurricular projects both solo and collaborative.

Now, with Sonic Youth on apparent (but unconfirmed) hiatus, and having split from wife and SY bandmate Kim Gordon, Moore is freer than ever before to pursue other interests. He has a new band, called Chelsea Light Moving, and he’s their frontman, supplying lead vocals and guitar; the other members are regular Moore collaborators Keith Wood (guitar), Samara Lubelski (bass), John Moloney (drums).

Chelsea Light Moving, who have already gigged a fair bit, are working on their debut album for Matador. A new song, entitled ‘Burroughs’, and inspired by good ol’ Bill, is available to stream and download above.

The band have US shows lined up in Calgary, Alberta (Sled Island, July 22), Missoula (The Top Hat, July 24), Boulder (Boulder Theater, July 27) and Denver (Larimer Lounge, July 29).

[via Pitchfork]


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