Download ‘Plague’, a new studio track by Crystal Castles

By , Jul 25 2012

We first heard ‘Plague’ when Toronto duo Crystal Castles played it at Manchester’s Parklife Festival.

Audio of the whole track is now available to hear, via the group’s Soundcloud. The vibe is familiar territory for Crystal Castles: the ambience is looped and ominous, the lead synth crunchy and Alice Glass’s vocals cut through like a sheet of metal to the neck, but it’s got a more polished feel than a lot of the band’s past material. As ever, they sound great, and streets ahead of the legions of copycats they inspired. And – wait – is that a 4×4 kick we hear? Somebody get the glowsticks.

‘Plague’ presumably marks the first taste of Crystal Castles’ forthcoming third LP, which was apparently recorded earlier this year.

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