The Beatles reissue remastered albums on vinyl

The Beatles’ stereo catalog will be reissued as both separate albums and a box set.

EMI released remastered CDs in 2009 and iTunes downloads in 2010, but now The Beatles’ catalog will be reissued as audiophiles and enthusiasts have always wanted: on vinyl. The reissues will be available as separate albums or as a limited edition box set (only 50,000 worldwide). The box includes an illustrated, 252-page hardcover book prepared by BBC producer Kevin Howlett.

According to The New York Times, the LPs will be pressed using cleaned-up masters prepped for the 2009 CDs, except Help! and Rubber Soul, which use George Martin’s 1986 remixes. The packaging will reproduce the original artwork, including extras like sleeves and art booklets.

Some listeners prefer the mono recordings to the stereo ones, as the band was closely involved in their preparation. Released on CD in 2009, the mono versions will be released on LP in 2013. The stereo reissues will be released on November 13.