Shitmat is remixing every single UK number one single from the last 60 years

For years now, Shitmat has been twisting hardcore, jungle and more into some of Britain’s most fractured music, his albums finding a home on Planet Mu and similar labels. 

His latest project comes under the banner Mash Hits and represents, in his own words, a reimagination of “the entire history of chart music through remixing, bastardizing and reconstructing it.” With the UK singles chart 60 years old on November 14 2012, Shitmat has been uploading a series of tracks that, once the whole project is done, promises to feature music from every single UK number one in that time – 1209 songs in total, of which Shitmat has already used 960 – with “no other samples, synths or sound sources allowed at all.”

Naturally, a lot of these tracks have been sped up and distorted beyond repair, but there’s also a lot that you’ll recognise, from ‘9pm til I Come’ to ’99 Red Balloons’, ‘Summertime’ to ‘Spaceman’. [Note: The project has been going on for the best part of 2012, but Shitmat just brought it to our attention on Twitter.]

You can read more about the Mash Hits project here, and hear the tracks here. We’ve embedded a few highlights below.

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