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Much-loved pirate radio recordings faculty Grimetapes returns: download classic Wiley, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew and more

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    9 Nov 2012
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    Patrice & Friends
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Much-loved pirate radio recordings faculty Grimetapes is back.

The work of Paul Lynch, who would later produce as Slackk and Patrice & Friends, Grimetapes was for some time the best archive of grime radio sets on the net, filling a hole that was sadly left by the forced decline of Barefiles. As well as a home for classic radio recordings for stations like Rinse, Deja Vu, Raw Mission, Axe and Freeze, it featured fantastic “highlight reels” of specific MCs’ contributions across a variety of sets.

The site has been dormant for several years, but yesterday evening Lynch relaunched it as a Tumblr. It’s not yet home to the amount of music it contained in its prime, but there’s several classic sets already available to download; let’s hope that number continues to increase. Here’s an example of the sort of low-fidelity hype you can expect from it:


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