Welcome news: 1990s rock pacesetters Slint may well ride again.

Slint emerged in 1989 with the scatty Tweez, originally recorded back in 1987 with Steve Albini. 1991’s Spiderland, however, remains their triumphant calling card. Setting Brian McMahan’s spoken-word lyrics over spindly, bare-bones alt.rock, it remains math-rock’s principal holy text and, arguably, the decade’s finest indie record. Perhaps in awe of what they’d knocked together, Slint swiftly disbanded after its release.

There have been occasional flickers of activity in the intervening years. McMahon, guitarist Dave Pajo, and drummer Britt Walford reunited in 2005 to curate ATP, and played a host of ad hoc dates. They followed up with further reunion shows in 2007, running through Spiderland in its entirety. If a new interview with Pajo is to be believed, there’s still more to come from the Kentucky band.

Speaking to AU Magazine, Pajo intimated that Slint will be reactivating in some form or other in 2013. In Pajo’s words: “We still communicate regularly and we’ve got some surprises for next year that fans will be excited about. I know I am.” Pajo also describes Slint as a “priority”. Pajo remains busy working with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and his own Papa M project.

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