Moon Wiring Club - new album

Moon Wiring Club is back with a new album, the follow-up to 2011’s Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married.

Entitled Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets, the album is available in both vinyl LP and CD formats which, in typical MWC style, differ both in artwork and in content. You can find the tracklist for both below.

According to an accompanying A3 press release, if we can call it that:

The music contained on Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets has already been proclaimed ‘a new room in the palace of peculiarity’ by SUPER-EMITIX magazine, and is the accompaniment for almost all of the ‘pre-digestion dances’ that are sweeping the private woodlands and secret societies of the country. However, comment has been raised in certain quarters that Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets, with its claims of being adapted from both literary and theatrical sources, reaches new levels of esoteric mystery / bloated incomprehensibility. The luminescent colours traditionally associated with the Moon Wiring Club are here ‘cast into a confounding hot pot hotchpotch unsuitable for those with nervous digestion.”

Make of that what you will; all we’ll add is that the sleeve designs, based around Moon Wiring Club’s (aka Ian Hodgson’s) own vivid illustrations (populated with characters, folklore and tittle-tattle from the fictional, anachronistic community of Clinksell), are sublime and mischievous as ever. The record is scheduled for release on 33.11.12, which we’ll take to mean December 3. For more information and misdirection, visit MWC’s site here; read a classic FACT interview with the man here.


Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets LP tracklist:
A1. Another Dreame
A2. A Swift Swirl In An Autumn Automotive
A3. Treacle Scryer
A4. Make Yourself At Home
A5. Wispy Ripple
A6. Fireside Hatchlings
A7. Ghostland Of Departed Buildings
B1. Tattercoats Lullaby
B2. The Essence Of Romance
B3. Misty Appleyard
B4. Spirits Cluster
B5. Blue Milk From A Silver Saucer
B6. Guest Etiquette
B7. Outside Of Time

Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets CD tracklist:
1. Another Dreame
2. Theatreland Takes Shape
3. A New Face On An Old Friend
4. Dusky Eavesdropper
5. To The Woods
6. Obsidian Coaxer
7. King Magpie Returns
9. Perfect In Puddings
10. Your Discreteness (Is My Weakness)
11. The Wombwood Pattern
12. At The Interval
13. Circling The Stage
14. Body Switcher
15. Enchanting Deportment
16. Games Night
17. Sweet Machine
18. Powder & Crinoline
19. Eternal Lovebirds
20. Between Two Worlds
21. Welcome To Bid Parallel
22. Inevitably Distorted

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