Celluloid Records – one of the most eclectic imprints ever to do busineess on God’s green earth – is to have its best work collected on a new compilation.

Convened by Paris resident Jean Karakos in the late 1970s, Celluloid established itself as one of alternative music’s more idiosyncratic stables. Ultra-prolific man-about-town Bill Laswell forged an early bond with the label, releasing music under his many monikers (including Massacre and Material) on the imprint, and establishing himself as Karakos’ in-house producer.

Celluloid distinguished itself by connecting with NYC’s growing hip-hop scene, releasing Time Zone’s seminal ‘Wildstyle’ and clocking up releases from Grandmixer D.ST, Fab 5 Freddy and The Clash-approved grafter Futura 2000. As per Laswell’s ‘see-what-sticks’ approach, the label skipped all over the place, releasing coldwave (Nini Raviolette), world music (Toure Kunda) and jazz (John McLaughlin). Celluloid also had plenty of time for spoken word, putting out material by The Last Poets, and provided an outlet for funk deconstructionist Ronald Shannon Jackson.

Strut Records’ forthcoming Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980-1987 retrospective will collect a host of essential material from the label’s heyday. Even a cursory glance over the 26-strong tracklisting demonstrates just how eclectic a project Celluloid was: Fab 5 Freddie, no-wavers Richard Hell & The Voidoids and Cameroon-based saxophonist Manu Dibango all jostle for position.

The CD and vinyl editions of the collection will come bundled with interviews with a host of Celluloid affiliates, including Karakos, Laswell, Afrika Bambaataa and PiL’s John Lydon. A selection of little-seen photos are also promised. Note: the digital edition of the collection will feature five exclusive extra tracks, including a spoken word recording by Last Poets’ Jalal with instrumental backing from Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles.

Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980-1987 is due on February 25.

CD 1
1. Shockabilly – Day Tripper 3.43
2. Massacre – Killing Time 2.54
3. Ferdinand – Tele, Apres La Meteo 3.36
4. Mathematiques Modernes – Disco Rough (long Version) 4.45
5. Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – Day Breaks, Night Heals 3.58
6. Snakefinger – Living In Vain 3.43
7. Winston Edwards & Blackbeard – Downing Street Rock 4.54
8. Lightnin’ Rod – Sport 2.35
9. Futura 2000 (ft The Clash) – The Escapades Of Futura 2000 6.57
10. Timezone – Wildstyle (12″ Vocal) 9.14
11. Deadline – Makossa Rock 11.03
12. Bobongo Stars – Koteja 7.39
13. Toure Kunda – Amadou Tilo 2.46

CD 2
1. Nini Raviolette – Suis-je Normale 6.34
2. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Destiny Street 4.41
3. Sapho – Carmel (12“ Mix) 6.34
4. Ginger Baker – Dust To Dust 5.32
5. Last Exit – Big Boss Man 1.03
6. Mandingo – Harima 6.05
7. Manu Dibango – Abele Dance (’85 Remix) 7.00
8. Timezone – World Destruction (original 12″ Mix) 5.37
9. Material, Michael Beinhorn, Bernard Fowler, Bill Laswell & Nile . Rodgers – I’m The One (dance Version) 7.31
10. Grandmixer D.st – Home Of Hip Hop 7.12
11. B Side With Bernard Fowler – Odeon (dance Mix) 5.46
12. Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat (male Version) 7.37
13. The Last Poets – Mean Machine Chant / Mean Machine 4.02

Digital Only:
Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles & Lightnin’ Rod – Doriella Du Fontaine (single Edit) 4.46
Grandmixer D.st – Crazy Cuts
Shango – Shango Message
Modern Guy – Electrique Sylvie 7.38 (full Length Version)
B Side – So Hot (feat. Tony Allen) 4.05

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