R1 Ryders ready <em>London Underground EP</em> for Party Like Us; stream it now

The funkitek heavyweights prep a four-track EP on AC Slater’s bass-heavy imprint.

R1 Ryders, comprised of DJ/producer Karnak and MC Skeelo have released a steady stream of EPs over the last few years, hypercharging the sound of UK funky with the aggression of grime into a style they call “funkitek.”

Their latest offering, the London Underground EP, is due out February 12 on AC Slater’s Party Like Us Records. It includes four R1 Ryder-styled club smashers, like the wobbly ‘Rollercoaster’ and the divebombing, breakbeat-heavy ‘Freq’.

Stream the EP below and check out the cover art below. Take this opportunity to revisit Karnak’s ruthless FACT mix from late last year.

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