Vladimir Putin has unveiled his secret weapon in his bid to boost Russia’s population – walking aphrodisiacs Boyz II Men.

Following decades of population decline, Putin has made boosting Russian population numbers a key priority; as he phrased it in a December 2012 speech, “In order for Russia to be a strong and sovereign country, there must be more of us and we must be better in morality, in our competences, our work and our creativity.”

According to The Moscow Times, Putin’s latest scheme to get Russians knocking lapti is a major state-sponsered concert by Boyz II Men. The group will play Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on February 6, with the paper promising “a selection of their classic and new romantic ballads, hopefully giving Russian men some inspiration ahead of St. Valentine’s Day.”

The group – made up of Wayna Morris, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman since 2004 – are apparently excited at the prospect of rebuilding the New Rome one slow-jam at a time: “Russian audiences have always shown us a lot of love. It’s amazing for us to see fans across the world who know every lyric to our songs. We really appreciate all the support they have given us over the years.” [via NME]

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