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In 2010, the world learned that Al Pacino – mobster-for-hire, and every rapper’s favourite actor – would don afro and glasses to play Phil Spector in a US TV biopic. The world was sceptical.

As Consequence Of Sound report, a trailer for the film has now hit the web. Phil Spector is scripted and directed by David Mamet, and will air on HBO on March 24. The film follows Spector’s defence lawyer Linda Kenney-Baden as she navigates the moral maze of whether or not to defend the producer, who was convicted in 2009 of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in his California home.

The trailer’s more Silence Of The Lambs than Silence Is Easy – see the moment where Helen Mirren’s defence lawyer Linda Kenney-Baden tentatively stumbles into Spector’s mansion-court. Pacino, meanwhile, nails the anger, if not quite the accent. Still, fans of unlikely casting (Pacino as Spector; Jeffrey Tambor as a pathologist), unlikely dialogue (“first time you got felt up…you were listening to one of my songs!”) and unlikely wigs (take your pick) will be in their element.

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