Jim O' Rourke, Oren Ambarchi and Keiji Haino announce LP of "holy minimalism" and "cave-man rock".

The charmed triumvirate of Jim O’Rourke, Oren Ambarchi and Keiji Haino will reconvene once again for an album of spirited improvisation. 

All three command major respect amongst the musical avant-garde: O’Rourke for decades of all-over-the-place solo LPs and his work with Sonic Youth and Wilco; Haino for a glut of releases ranging from jazz to power electronics; and Ambarchi for collaborations with the likes of Günter Müller, Keith Rowe and Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’ Malley. The trio debuted with 2010’s Tima Formosa, a furtive, relatively freeform collection of electroacoustic improv. 2011’s mouthful of a follow-up, meanwhile, was a tighter set, closer in practice to a conventional band set-up. Their last effort was 2012’s Imikuzushi, which saw the trio committing pretty much wholesale to bludgeoning noise-rock.

As Exclaim note, the trio are set to join forces on wax for the fourth time later this year. As per previous releases, Now While It’s Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery will arrive on Ambarchi’s Black Truffle imprint. The six-track LP documents a concert at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe, and promises a diverse set ranging from “holy minimalism to cave-man rock”. Guest spots are promised from Japanese drummer/pianist Eiko Ishibashi and colourful composer and artist Charlemagne Palestine. Design will be handled by O)))’s Stephen O’ Malley.

Now While It’s Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery is due on April 30 on limited edition LP and digipack CD.

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