Bristol producer Artifact's footwork material collected on Cologne Tracks

Bristol-based producer Artifact has released an 11-track collection of material made while living in Cologne.

Simply titled Cologne Tracks, the album is closer to footwork than the swung techno of Artifact’s past singles, with most cuts falling in the 150-160bpm tempo range. Although a short press release sent out with the record emphasises Cologne Tracks‘ status as a “retrospective, rather than a debut album proper”, it hangs together nicely, with closer ‘Phat Odyssey’, ‘I Leich’ and ‘White Space Conflict’ immediate stand-outs. The album can be streamed below, and is available in a pay what you like format through Local Action [full disclosure: a label run by FACT staff member Tom Lea].


01. Radioactive Ray
02. That’s Why
03. Stop the Radio
04. Only Girl
05. White Space Conflict
06. I Leich
07. Do U Ever
08. Mountain Top
09. Oxygen
10. Feathers
11. Phat Odyssey

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