Rustie’s ‘Triadzz’ finally lands

By , Mar 18 2013

Sporting a similarly seismic drop to its floor-cracking predecessor ‘Slasherr’, ‘Triadzz’ polishes off Rustie’s double A-side with a bullet to the gut.

We showed our enthusiasm for its predecessor in our singles club a couple of weeks ago, and ‘Triadzz’ doesn’t disappoint with its bouncy Rustie-for-dummies buildup folding into a Glaswegian take on Bangladesh’s ‘A Milli’ instrumental. It might not have the instant ‘bag of sherbet’ pop of ‘Slasherr’, but give ‘Triadzz’ a bit to warm up, and trust us, it’s as crushing and as lacking in manners as anything else in Rustie’s catalogue.

You can order both tracks now over at Bleep, or put in a pre-order for the 12″, which is due to drop later this month on Numbers.

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