Giorgio Moroder talks Daft Punk in new documentary series

By , Apr 3 2013

In collaboration with The Creators Project, Daft Punk today launched a series of short documentaries exploring the backgrounds of their collaborators.

The first subject is legendary disco innovator Giorgio Moroder, and he grants us a warm look at his past experiences, sharing stories about his first brush with the legendary Moog that would become his instrument of choice and what it was like penning some of the most important disco tracks of all time. Since it is all basically promotion for Daft Punk’s forthcoming Random Access Memories, the Gallic duo are also a topic of conversation, and we learn that Moroder is a fan, especially of the massively popular ‘One More Time’.

With alleged contributions from Panda Bear, Chilly Gonzales, Chic’s Nile Rodgers, and Neptunes man Pharrell, there should be plenty more mini-documentaries to come, and we’ll be welcoming them with open arms. [via Consequence of Sound]

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