Zomby has premiered his first official new music since 2011’s Nothing EP

As we discovered during a natter with 4AD boss Simon Halliday back in Summer 2012, Zomby has been working on a new LP for the label for some time. According to Halliday:

“Zomby’s in New York, and he’s chill. He’s happy. He’s getting some music together and it’s sounding great – really summery and smooth, kinda like that feeling Aphex would get to sometimes, that sort of Richard D. James album where it was really melodic…He doesn’t speed records out for the sake of it, he takes his own time, he’s very thoughtful – but I think if he can do a couple more good albums, he’ll prove to be one of the great producers.”

The reclusive producer has posted a video for new track ‘W I T H L O V E’ onto a new mini-site. The track is the first taster of said full-length, reportedly due in Summer 2013. The dolorous video is available to watch below.

‘W I T H L O V E’ follows on the heels of ‘Hall of Mirrors’, co-produced to soundtrack the new show by fashion house En Noir. A new track, ‘Devils’, also emerged in late 2012, and material with grime progenitor Youngstar has been rumoured.

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