Check out the world's only 7" Technics turntables... which are owned by Biz Markie

Make the music with your novelty turntables.

That’s not a Photoshopped picture: DJ Worx spotted these ultra-rare Technics SL-700s at the Tools of War Crotona Park Jams, manned by none-other than the Clown Prince of Hip-hop, Biz Markie.

According to his Twitter, Biz owns the world’s only pair of Technics 7″ turntables; DJ Worx speculates that the set were prototypes crafted before Technics’ 2010 shutdown. We can’t think of anyone better to own the turntables than Biz Markie: watch the legendary rap personality leaf through his ridiculous collection of classic 45s in the following clip. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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