Following the early closure of this year’s Electric Zoo festival, caused by two deaths that the New York government have attributed to MDMA (four attendees were also hospitalised, and reports of a sexual assault at the festival have emerged since), some of EDM’s biggest names have gathered for an public service announcement about ecstasy. 

While it’s hard to not cringe at some of it – as well as Steve Aoki [above], the advert features Tommie Sunshine, Z-Trip, A-Trak, Kaskade and The Black Eyed Peas’ – it’s clearly been done with good intent, and it’s not overly preachy in the way that these things often are – nor does it scaremonger (shout out The Sun‘s acid house cartoon, forever). It’s worth remembering that EDM’s a young and fairly unique sub-culture in how detached from and unaware it is of its own history, and just as most people losing their minds at Electric Zoo probably aren’t clued up on dance music’s origins, there’s a good chance that they’re also not as well-versed on the dangers of overdoing it as they should be. If this helps that, then job done.

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