James Holden (now going under the simpler alias of Holden) excelled with this year’s ambitious full-length The Inheritors, and now he’s set to follow it up with a collection of reworks.

‘Circle of Fifths’ was a clear standout, but far from the obvious ‘single’ candidate. It’s beatless, for one, a fact that Holden quickly remedies on the Tool version, adding flickering kick drums to punctuate the woozy, psychedelic synths. Holden envisioned the remix as a DJ tool, and while that still stands, there’s more than enough backbone to the track to withstand closer attention.

Elsewhere, he offers up a ‘Dub’, which is fairly self-explanatory and a ‘Gibbersolo’ which we’re informed is “pretty much exactly what it says and how it sounds.”

Holden is set to tour both with Atoms For Peace and on his own, you can take a look at the dates below.

‘Circle of Fifths’ will be released on November 11 via Border Community.

Tour Dates:

10/02: UIC Pavillion, Chicago, USA (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/03: War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, USA (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/04: Mutek, Mexico City, Mexico
10/05: Bar Americas, Guadalajara, Mexico
10/09: Pepsi Center, Mexico City, Mexico (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/10: Pepsi Center, Mexico City, Mexico (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/12: Norad, Denver, USA
10/13: Standard Hotel Rooftop, Los Angeles, USA
10/16: Hollywood Bowl, LA, USA (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/17: Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, USA (Live – supporting Atoms For Peace)
10/26: Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse Party, Amsterdam, Netherlands
11/02: The Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK (DJ set)
11/07: Club to Club, Turin, Italy (Live)
11/08: Club to Club, Turin, Italy
11/10: Roundhouse Studio, London, UK (Live – matinee & evening shows – evening sold out)
11/16: Kazimier, Liverpool, UK
11/23: Border Community x The Hydra, London, UK
11/30: Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium (Live)
11/30: Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany
12/07: La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France (Live)
12/20: Kong, Munich, Germany
12/31: Abercombrie, Sydney, Australia
01/01: Let Them Eat Cake, Melbourne, Australia

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