Cookin’ up marvellous shit for two decades.

Following our look at the myths and legends of the Wu Tang Clan earlier today, we finish up the 20th anniversary of their debut album with a quick round up of audio bites and other pieces.

First up is a 1992 demo tape that has been around for a while but deserves to be flagged back up considering the occasion. It’s unsurprisingly raw and gritty, featuring prototypes of eight Wu Tang tracks including ‘Bring Tha Ruckus’ and what would become ‘Tearz’ but was back then ‘After The Laughter’ thanks to the source sample. This is apparently the tape that landed the clan’s deal with Loud Records, a fact that seems more than believable when you take into account RZA’s detailed story in the excellent Check The Technique book by Brian Coleman (which is a recommended piece of reading for rap fans who enjoy the stories behind the music).

Staying on the music tip, London’s DJ Rags uploaded a tribute mix earlier today. The founder of Livin’ Proof put the mix together for LFTF, which he describes as: “20 years of Wu Tang. The classics. The rarities. The forgotten gems. Some re-edits and acapella blends. It’s all in here.”

If you want more Wu Tang tributes we heartily recommend hunting down Supadave’s Shaolin’s Finest mix which remains one of the finest dedications to the Clan’s lasting legacy. It’s not freely available so you’ll have to put in some work.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Spin magazine has an oral history of the making of Wu Tang’s debut as told by behind-the-scenes figures including studio owners, engineers and art directors who had a hand in the debut and its follow ups.

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