Lana Del Rey has taken on a Disney classic – and, no, it’s not ‘Rumbly In My Tumbly’.

The singer has filed the theme tune for Disney’s forthcoming Maleficent, a noirish live-action reimagining of 1959’s Sleeping Beauty due later this year. The track is a remake of ‘Once Upon A Dream’, which notably featured in the original animation. Spectral, eerie, and preoccupied with innocence lost, it’s a great fit for LDR.

‘Once Upon A Dream’ is available to download in full via Google Play; head here to cop it. Alternatively, the trailer for the film, which features a chunk of the track, is below.

The singer recently cobbled together a film of her own, “sin and redemption” parable Tropico. Her second album, titled Ultraviolence, is due later this year.

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