Voices From The Lake's exceptional live show boiled down to EP for The Bunker New York

Italian techno adventurers recreate an exceptional set.

The third release from NYC club and record label The Bunker is the result of a six-hour performance by Italian duo Voices From The Lake from July 2012.

The all-night takeover by producers Donato Dozzy and Neel, which included two live shows and back-to-back DJ sets, is remembered by the club’s bosses “one of the greatest nights of music in the history of The Bunker”, so they got back in touch with the duo to work out which parts of the performance would suit a vinyl release.

Voices From The Lake then returned to their Rome studio to reproduce the best bits for the three-track Velo Di Maya EP, which you can hear clips from below. It’s their first release since their aqueous and drone-rich self-titled album from 2012, and – given that the show at The Bunker happened in the same year – explores similarly foggy and spine-tingling territory.

Out on March 10, Velo Di Maya EP is the third release from The Bunker’s fledgling label, following records by Leisure Muffin and Clay Wilson. [via JunoPlus]

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