EDM finds itself an unlikely supporter in techno pioneer Jeff Mills.

Speaking to Aussie site inthemix, Detroit legend Mills explained how he felt that musical snobbishness was pointless, stating “I never thought that there was a right way or a correct way to make music.”

“I don’t dislike any other format, including EDM, or anything like that,” he said. “I think it serves a purpose. It’s fine. People love it. This is not the first scapegoat of electronic music, you know [laughs]. Many years ago it was trance music, and before then it was something else. It all serves a purpose, and I think that we’re moving along in a very healthy way all together. I think once you [restrict things], then it’s really the beginning of the end.”

Not bad Mr. Mills, and we have to say we agree with you; the first person to make a lurching EDM remix of ‘The Bells’ (complete with Waka Flocka Flame shouts) gets two thumbs up.

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