Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch may become a therapy center for sexually assaulted children

The massive estate bears a tarnished legacy; one potential buyer hopes to change that.

The bidding war over Michael Jackson‘s iconic Neverland Ranch has only grown since its sale was announced last year. Some buyers have expressed hopes to keep it as a shrine to Jackson, the way Graceland is to Elvis, which falls in line with his families wishes to “respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property.” One buyer, however, has announced plans to do the complete opposite.

Their idea would completely raze the singer’s presence from his home, insult his legacy, and most importantly, could potentially help a lot of abused children.

A local businessman is in the running to buy the Neverland Ranch with the hopes of turning it into a rehabilitation center for sexually assaulted children, Page Six reports: “His goal is for the place to be used to help children in a serene setting recover from the trauma of sex abuse.”

“The plan is to have children come there for treatment, and they will also hire trained therapists who would help the victims through the use of equine-assisted therapy, which works to improve the kids’ self-esteem, and it helps them to become more outgoing,” a source involved with the deal told the publication. They estimated the bid around $40 million. Jackson’s estate has been valued as high as $75 million.

“We are frustrated, bitterly disappointed and saddened that it has come to this,” a rep from Jackson’s Estate said referring to the sale in general. [via Page Six]

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