Jazz-house trio Archie Pelago‘s soundtrack for video game Off-Peak is now available to buy. 

Created by Pelago’s cellist Cosmo D, the game was released earlier this year and can be played here. Set in a “cathedral-like train station in the near future”, Off-Peak promises “a world where the fate of it’s musicians and artists is unclear, yet their tools of the trade are highly prized. Meanwhile, the station itself provides all the comforts a commuter could ask for: great food, the best beer, entertaining board games, relaxing gardens. But *who* is really benefiting here?”

The soundtrack is available from the group’s Bandcamp, and features vocal turns from Novelty Daughter, Gabe Garzon-Montano and more. And what timing! We just counted down the 100 greatest video game soundtracks.

Back in 2013, Archie Pelago and more featured in a FACT roundtable about live electronic music. Revisit that here. [hat tip Philip Sherburne]

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