Courtney Love has sent a cease and desist order to cinemas screening a new Kurt Cobain documentary.

The new documentary is titled Soaked in Bleach and Cobain’s former wife is not happy about how she is portrayed in the film.

“The Film falsely presents a widely and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that accuses Ms. Cobain of orchestrating the death of her husband Kurt Cobain,” writes Love’s lawyer in the order, which you can read here. “A false accusation of criminal behavior is defamatory … which entitles Ms. Cobain to both actual and presumed damages.”

The producers of Soaked in Bleach aren’t too bothered by the court order. “Courtney Love and her lawyers clearly don’t like that the film presents a compelling case for re-opening the investigation into Kurt’s death,” they wrote in a statement to Deadline. “They should respect the First Amendment and let people decide for themselves.”

Soaked In Bleach follows the story of private investigator Tom Grant, hired by Love to find Cobain after he left a substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles on March 30, 1994. Cobain’s body was discovered just over a week later on April 8.

Love was recently featured in another documentary about the late Nirvana frontman titled Montage of Heck. That film was co-produced by their daughter Frances Bean Cobain. [via Deadline]


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