SoundCloud imposes streaming limits on third-party apps

The changes come into effect next month. 

SoundCloud will introduce new streaming limits on third-party applications from July 1. Songs streamed via client applications will be limited to 15,000 plays through the apps per day.

Tracks uploaded to the platform will be restricted the SoundCloud website once they have reached 15,000 plays via client applications in a 24-hour period. The move has been made so that SoundCloud can effectively capitalise on new advertising. The Berlin-based company recently introduced advertisements that will not play via third-party applications.

SoundCloud announced the news via its Backstage Blog, explaining that the limits aim to combat “an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content.”

The streaming service recently inked a deal with global music rights agency Merlin, which represents 20,000 independent labels including Warp and Ninja Tune.