Footage has surfaced of a young Thom Yorke performing with his short-lived university band Headless Chickens.

Headless Chickens was formed whilst Yorke was studying at Exeter University in 1989. The band played a couple of shows and released one single titled ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Woodstock’, on which Yorke sang backup vocals and played guitar. Yorke’s work with Headless Chickens is believed to be his first recorded material.

Another one of the band’s songs was ‘High and Dry’. Footage has surfaced of Yorke and Headless Chickens performing an early version of the song, which would latter appear on Radiohead’s 1995 album The Bends. The video doesn’t give a specific date, but it is likely to have been recorded in 1989, two years before Yorke formed Radiohead. Watch the footage below. [via CoS]

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