Half the people who signed up for Apple Music’s free trial have stopped using it, survey suggests

Apple Music may have trouble getting people to stick with the service.

Though Apple have claimed 11 million free trial users, a new survey by Music Watch performed six weeks into the launch has found 48% of listeners have stopped using the streaming service.

The survey was held with 5,000 users aged 13 and older. 61% of the users turned off the “renewal” option during the free trial, though roughly two-thirds of the group said they would likely pay for the service.

While it has become popular to use the term ‘streaming wars’ to characterize the current state of the music industry, very few Apple Music users said they had stopped using their online radio, audio on-demand or video streaming services, as a result of using Apple Music,” said Music Watch’s Ross Crupnick on the company’s blog.

Apple has responded to the claim by saying, “among those who signed up for the trial, 79% are using it on a weekly basis.” [via The Guardian]