A Guy Called Gerald claims to have put a voodoo curse on the label that released ‘Voodoo Ray’

Dance veteran A Guy Called Gerald claims to have settled some scores in unorthodox ways.

“When [Gerald’s 1988 crossover hit] ‘Voodoo Ray’ was in the charts”, he tells The Guardian in a new interview, “I was still working at McDonald’s. There were all these excuses [about why the money didn’t come through]. I thought, something’s gone wrong here: I’ve got two tracks in the charts … but I’m still having to walk to the centre of Manchester from Longsight with a bag of equipment because I can’t afford to get a bus.”

“So what I did was, I went to a place in the West Indies and I found some people who helped me make a charm. I decided well, ‘OK, my payment is that anyone who gets involved is going to have to pay something.’ Have I seen any evidence of the curse working? Oh, yeah. People kind of disappear. I’m not saying anything else. I warned everyone as much as I could with the name of the track.”

That’s right, according to Gerald he settled his scores over ‘Voodoo Ray”s payments with actual voodoo. Read the full piece here.