There are several hardworking labels reissuing horror movie soundtracks throughout the year, but October feels special.

The month of Halloween often feels like the time labels like Death Waltz, Light In The Attic and Waxwork Records save their best material. This season Waxwork has revived the soundtrack to everyone’s favorite film about Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, C.H.U.D.. When writing about Martin Cooper and David Hughes’s synth-driven score in our feature the 100 Greatest Horror Movie Soundtracks, we described it as “a refreshingly British take on the genre idioms, sounding at times more like incidental music from a mid-‘80s episode of Doctor Who than your usual B-movie fare”.

The record is available through Waxwork as of tomorrow, but before that you can stream all 31 tracks of it in full below.

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