Take a ride to the darkside. 

Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib and George Henry Longly – aka AHMD – have collaborated for ‘Death Drive’, a peak-time club single for The Vinyl Factory that draws from “the heady dance floors of their Anal House Meltdown parties [and] the pounding excitement of long nights at Berghain”. As you might expect from these artists, however, it’s peak-time done their way: warped bass tones that seem to reach out and brush your face, sweat-drenched vocal samples, moments of silence and a good four minutes before a kick drum comes in.

In keeping with the track’s debt to Berghain, it comes backed with a remix by MMM’s Fiedel, a regular at the Berlin club. ‘Death Drive’ is a co-release from The Vinyl Factory and HYMN, Peake’s label founded with VF. It’s available on Oct 16 from the VF store.

FACT Death Drive3

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