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The new album features vocals snatched from obscure Youtube videos.

Brooklyn-based producer James Hinton returns this year with Potential, his first album for Domino and the follow-up to his 2013 debut Nonfiction. On that LP, Hinton avoided typical vocal features, often choosing to pair his clockwork arrangements with curious samples of people speaking. Now, Hinton appears to follow that inspiration even further on Potential, a record full of vocal features sourced entirely from obscure Youtube videos. You can hear that concept in action on the new single ‘Florida’ where Hinton’s busy, emotive production is elevated by a singer covering Ariana Grande’s ‘You’ll Never Know’.

Potential is due March 18 alongside Superimpose, a documentary directed by Daniel Kaufman that explores the stories of the singers featured on the album. As Hinton puts it: “I am very conscious that these people who I have sampled elevate what I do, just as much as my record brings their work somewhere else”. Watch the trailer for the documentary and listen to ‘Florida’ below.

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