Listen to ‘Maximum Effort’ below.

Though he’s made music for years, Tom Holkenborg’s Junkie XL project found an even bigger fanbase last year with his warlike soundtrack to Mad Max: Fury Road. Now Holkenborg is back with his next project, the score to the upcoming film Deadpool, in theaters February 12. For the film, Holkenborg tells us he wanted to make something particularly unique to fit arguably the most unhinged of Marvel heroes.

“[Deadpool] is such a fantastic, over arrogant, extremely funny, swagger-heavy, violent character,” he says. To channel that, Holkenborg crafted a score built with vintage drum machines, modular synths alongside live drums and bass. As he puts it: it’s Miami Vice meets Mad Max. Today you can hear that mixture in action on the new track ‘Maximum Effort’. Listen below and look for the soundtrack March 3 via Milan Records.

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