The Swedish label collects classics from Frak, Jonsson/Alter TM404 and more.

Sweden’s Kontra-Musik is celebrating 10 years of techno with an 11-track compilation of its finest cuts compiled by label head Ulf Eriksson.

Titled X, the 3LP anniversary collection covers the full range of sounds the label has released during its 10-year lifespan, including dub techno, club-focused music, deeper-than-deep house and experimental sounds.

“Being open to a broad variety of sounds and rhythms – judging them not solely by their functionality but rather by their personality – has been the Kontra-Musik way from day one,” the label writes in a press release.

“While it has been a crooked and sometimes exceedingly hard road to follow, we’re hoping to carry on for several years to come. After 10 years, the label still feels meaningful and current to us – in short: it’s still worth it.”

While Kontra-Musik doesn’t have the profile of Ostgut Ton, which also celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, the Swedish label’s discography has just as many techno gems – oddball trio Frak and Andreas Tilliander are a few of the names to have graced the label since launching in 2006.

Other tracks picked for the compilation include Shed’s vintage remix of Luke Hess’s ‘Believe and Receive’, Jus-Ed’s remix of Italian producer Massprod, Silent Servant’s remix of Mokira and more.

The compilation is released on March 29 on vinyl, with a digital version following on April 28. You can listen to a preview of the album below.


A1: The Durian Brothers – Weggeputscht
A2: TM404 – 202/202/303/303/606
B1: Mokira – Time Track (Silent Servant remix)
B2: Fishermen – Black Haze
C1: Luke Hess – Believe and Receive
(Shedsdeepanddubbydub remix)
C2: Frak – 666
D1: Mass Prod – Focaccina (Jus-Ed soul stir mix)
D2: Jason Fine – Workinʹ it out
E1: Jonsson & Alter – Brevet Hem (instrumental)
E2: Jason Fine – Half (Anton Zap remix)
F1: Gunnar Jonsson – Massagerutin 1

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