A new track from the Boston up-and-comer.

Black EL has a bunch in store for 2016 — he’s already released the spacey ‘Store Hours’ and continues with another Durkin-produced cut ‘Blueprint’ (which, as EL notes in the song, has nothing to do with the classic Jay Z album).

About the track, EL says: “I wrote Blueprint when I was at a point where my friends and I were really starting to move [and] grow as individuals in our respective crafts [and] lives. We all were figuring out who we were, what our purpose was, and how we can help each other get to our respective destinations. Life is only as enjoyable as the people you surround yourself with and the plans you make for tomorrow. Just remember to reflect, celebrate and adapt.”

Black EL is slated to drop a project called Anywhere But Here later this year. Check out ‘Blueprint’ below.

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