Update, February 15: Police believe the fire was started on purpose.

Hamburg police say there are indications that the Golden Pudel was the victim of an arson attack on Saturday night.

The extent of the damage is still unclear. The building has suffered water damage from extinguishing the fire and the roof is in danger of collapsing, reports local news channel NDR.

A blaze at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel last night has left the iconic nightclub severely damaged.

No one was injured in the early morning fire, but the 100-year-old building has been left in a potentially unusable state, say firefighters. Hamburg police said the venue had not been completely destroyed, as RA reports.

The club is was already enduring a dispute between the building’s two owners, which will see the building go up for auction on April. The club organisers had promised to respond in an attempt to save the famed underground venue.

German TV channel NDR captured the scene.


Groove magazine’s Kristoffer Patrick Cornils also tweeted photos of the aftermath.


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