The vaporwave godhead returns with two reworked albums and a lost release.

Portland producer Vektroid surfaces with music so rarely any new release is enough light up the darker corners of internet music. Her massively influential 2011 album, Floral Shoppe, remains the spirit animal for our Best Of Bandcamp column. The producer returns this week with three different releases that are simultaneously old and new.

Two of the releases, Fuji Grid TV: Ex and Shader Complete, represent “rebuilt” works from albums that surfaced and subsequently disappeared several years ago. The third, Sleepline, is a previously unreleased album dating back to 2013 under Vektroid’s initial New Dreams Ldt. moniker. Together, they all provide a glimpse of vaporwave’s earliest days, reworked by the original master. Stream them below and grab them on Vektroid’s Bandcamp page.

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