Update: The Foo Fighters are not breaking up — they’re just taking a break.

The band has shared a 7-minute video poking fun at media speculation that they’re splitting up and includes Nick Lachey auditioning to replace Dave Grohl as the lead singer. Watch at your own discretion.

The band have promised an official announcement today.

Foo Fighters, the long-running rock band founded by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, plan to go on indefinite hiatus, according to the drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Many suspected a split recently after rumors surfaced that Grohl was planning to pursue a solo career and only grew after news on Twitter that the band would make “an official band announcement” tonight. Now, Artisan News have revealed a new video interview held on January 16 where drummer Taylor Hawkins says the band is going on an “indefinite ihateus”, making a pun on the word hiatus. He clarifies he’s only joking about any bad feelings, but makes clear that the band will not be playing together for the foreseeable future.

“I think the world needs a break from us for a little while,” says Hawkins. Watch him break the news below starting at the 5:10 mark. [via Consequence Of Sound]

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