Sometimes a troll gets trolled.

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor behind Ali G and Borat, stopped by Conan last night to promote his new movie The Brothers Grimsby. In the lengthy chat, it was revealed that Cohen’s character in the movie’s appearance is based on Liam Gallagher from Oasis. Part of the reason for this styling choice was a spat the two got into at GQ’s Men of the Year Awards in 2012, where Cohen was tapped as Comedian of the Year.

To explain any more would be to spoil a funny clip – that will probably be funnier than Grimsby – that does totally end with Gallagher threatening to stab Cohen in the eye, and is definitely worth a watch. If you do need some further inspiration to watch the movie, he screened it for Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and some of the rest of their family and they seemed to have found it hilarious – you can watch a clip of them watching below. West recently revealed that he watched Zoolander 2 for a second time, so take his laughs as you will.

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