Kanye West gives us more time to hear that “fixed” version of ‘Wolves’.

Tidal has extended its free trial period by 30 days so that users who signed up to hear The Life of Pablo last month can hear Kanye West’s freshly updated version of the album.

Those who signed up for the streaming service’s month-long free trial when The Life of Pablo was released on February 14 received an email explaining they have an extra 30 days to listen to the version uploaded by Kanye yesterday (March 16).

Tidal is still the only place to hear The Life of Pablo, which has been updated twice in the past week. The rapper has called the album “a living breathing changing creative expression,” uploading both a new version of ‘Famous’ and a “fixed” version of ‘Wolves’ that returns Sia and Vic Mensa’s original contributions to the track. Frank Ocean’s outro is now its own separate track called ‘Frank’s Track’.

As The Verge points out, the email was not without a blunder from Tidal: the company referred to ‘Fade’ as a new track when it was already on the album’s original version.

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