The four-vinyl box set collects tracks from some of techno’s most respected names.

Function’s Infrastructure New York label is releasing a compilation featuring techno exclusives from label friends and family.

As well as tracks from Function himself, Ed Davenport in his Inland guise, Campbell IrvinePost Scriptum and Cassegrain & Tin Man, Facticity includes tracks from some high-profile producers outside the label.

In addition to Dominick Fernow in his Vatican Shadow guise, Steve Bicknell and Dial’s Efdemin, Function has called on Sandwell District affiliates Silent Servant and Rrose to contribute to the compilation.

Facticity is released on June 3, and will be available as a four-vinyl box set, CD and digital version.


A1. Campbell Irvine – Dislocation Is Only The Beginning
A2. Vatican Shadow – Swords Over Paradise
B1. Rrose – Cephalon
B2. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Polyacid Blue
C1. Inland – Acidalia
C2. Post Scriptum – ISDAT
D1. Steve Bicknell – Passage Through Darkness
D2. Cleric – Concrete
E1. Blue Hour – Averting
E2. Function – Low Lights & Trick Mirrors
F1. Efdemin – Kassiber
F2. Post Scriptum – Donbelief
G1. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Open Sea
H1. Function/Inland – Colwyn Bay
H2. Silent Servant – End / Optimism

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