“The record has an intimacy and starkness that the film’s photographic style will reflect.”

It has been several years since we’ve heard any new music from Nick Cave, but that changes this fall. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will release their next album September 9, according to new listings for an upcoming concert film.

The film is scheduled for a September 8 release and will mark the debut of the band’s new work, before it’s official release at midnight. The film uses a combination of color, black and white and 3D and will showcase an album of “intimacy and starkness that the film’s photographic style will reflect”.

The band will not release any single before its theatrical debut to ensure the film is “the first medium through which anyone anywhere will be able to hear & experience the songs”.

Though he has appeared in a few small projects, Nick Cave hasn’t released an album since 2013’s Push The Sky Away

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