Discogs to release official app for Android

Android users will soon be able to fuel their habit on the move.

Discogs has announced the release of an Android version of its official app, joining iOS users who have been able to access the online record database and marketplace via app since February.

As with the iOS version, the Discogs app for Android allows users easy access both their collection and wantlist on the move, as well as giving buyers and sellers quick access to purchase and order information.

The app also features a barcode scanner, which allows users to scan a record using the device’s camera to add the correct version to their collection as well as finding out how much that record shop find is actually worth.

It also includes a “Shake to Shuffle” feature, which queues up a random release from the user’s collection. Integration with Discogs’ VinylHub database also allows users to find record shops in their immediate vicinity.

Discogs for Android is released on July 12 through the Google Play store. If you’d rather go digging for records in the real world, Discogs is holding a huge record fair in Berlin this September.

Last month, a rare Prince promo became the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs.