Hate it or love it? Looks like, love it.

The roller coaster ride that is (was?) G-Unit has another peak: Last night (August 1) at LA strip club Ace of Diamonds, 50 Cent and The Game squashed their 12-year beef, TMZ reports.

The Game took the the mic in the club to announce their feud was over after speculation they had buried the hatchet earlier this year: “I fuck with 50, what happened that shit was twelve years ago, ain’t on that shit… Ain’t nobody on that old shit.”

Tension between the two rappers started when Interscope head Jimmy Iovine pushed the release of 50’s sophomore album The Massacre back to accommodate The Game’s debut. Rumors swirled that there were conflicts on the video shoot for Game’s breakout single ‘Hate It or Love It’ and 50 Cent subsequently denounced The Game’s G-Unit affiliation live on-air on Hot 97.

The Game most recently organized a police brutality protest while 50 Cent announced he’s set to star in the upcoming Predator reboot.

Revisit ‘Hate It or Love It’ below.

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