Proceeds from Electromuse go to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Early electronics pioneer Malcolm Pointon is to be the subject of the next retrospective collection on Public Information.

Electromuse features unreleased, home-recorded material from the British artist, who was born in 1940 and was inspired to create music after discovering Stockhausen when he Cambridge’s Homerton College in 1969.

Pointon created his first compositions with a four-waveband radio and multi-speed tape recorder. Later, he would contribute to Practical Electronics magazine and create his own battery-powered synthesizer, the Minisonic.

Electromuse is primarily comprised of music made with the Minisonic, which range from “pummeling arpeggiated rhythms” to “freaked-out concrète trips.”

Public Information are donating all profits from the release to the Alzheimer’s Society. Pointon was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 51, and died in 2007.

The collection, which is released on vinyl and digital formats on October 28, is compiled by early electronics expert and regular Public Information collaborator Ian Helliwell. Pre-order it at the Public Information store.



A1. Radiophonie
A2. Sonata Elletronica
A3. Then Wakes The Ice
A4. Boogie
A5. Symbiosis Intro
A6. Symbiosis
B1. Trojan Woman
B2. Study 1
B3. Palindrome
B4. Study 2
B5. Poreira

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