Hear the shimmering first track now.

London-based musician Mirko Vogel has unveiled his debut album, LP1, due this month on Lawrence English’s label Room40.

Though Mirko may be a new name to most, he played a key role in Cut Copy’s last two albums, 2011’s Zonoscope and 2014’s Free Your Mind, as a sound engineer and collaborator. In fact, the glacial soundscapes of LP1 were recorded over the last three years while touring with the synth-pop band.

You can get a feel for Mirko’s wintry, carefully manipulated tracks with the newly released ‘As The Morning’. Paired with fuzzily distorted home movies, the track breathes with a weary beauty before swelling with delicate piano chords.

Hear ‘As The Morning’ below and order LP1 before its November 18 release via Room40.

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